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Car Ac Thermostat Not Working


Compressor suction valve leaking 6. Click the Banner Below to Ask an Expert: More Air Conditioning Articles: Air Conditioning Inspection Checklist Troubleshoot Automatic Climate Control System A/C Cooling Problem: Blows Warm Air Only No Cool Air Hooray for Conforming! Your refrigerant might be low, but unless you're really upset about the idle thing I wouldn't worry about it.

While actually moving, the AC/heater work fine. AIR CONDITIONER PROBLEM: INTERMITTENT COOLING An A/C system that blows cold air for awhile then warm air is probably freezing up. Example if it's 90 degrees F, high side should be no higher than 225PSIHere is a useful trouble shooting chart for systems currently running on freon R-134aTrouble shootingLow Compressor Discharge Pressure1. Faulty compressor clutch. this page

Can A Bad Thermostat Cause Car Ac Not To Work

However, if you’re experiencing problems from the HVAC controls, then it’s possible that the same issue will prevent both your air conditioning and heater from working. After a minute or less, remove the thermostat from the water. * You should see the center section (the valve) of the unit separated from its base; the thermostat has opened. Turn thermostat switch back 2. The coolant begins to flow at this point because it has reached a high enough temperature to cause the thermostat to open.

But my air doesn't get cool. Broken clutch wire or no 12v power 3. This switch prevents the compressor from running if the refrigerant level is low. Auto Ac Pressure Readings Capillary tube broken 6.

by Jason Unrau What does the Check Engine Warning Light Mean? Add refrigerantEvaporator Not Cooling1. Most of this debris collects in the condenser where it can cause blockages that reduce cooling performance. http://www.doityourself.com/stry/troubleshooting-ac-thermostat The next thing to do is to check that the thermostat is clean, and that it is not faulty.

I re-filled it with freon and it seemed to work okay again, then stopped. Car Ac Thermostat Switch GET A QUOTE Post a question and get free advice from our certified mechanics. out of box M Get Weekly DIY Guides & Inspiration Life Made Easier. by Valerie Johnston How to Renew Your Car Registration in Oklahoma(DELETED) by Valerie Johnston P0121 OBD-II Trouble Code: TPS "A" Circuit Range Performance Problem by Jay Safford How to Transfer a

Does The Thermostat Affect Air Conditioning In A Car

Is your car protected? http://www.clarks-garage.com/shop-manual/hvac-02.htm Install large fan 6. Can A Bad Thermostat Cause Car Ac Not To Work Also evaporator leaks can be found with an electronic leak detector at the evaporator drain or by taking out the blower motor resistor and checking through there (dye often will show Automotive A C Troubleshooting Guide Check the troubleshooting section of your vehicle repair manual to see other causes that may be affecting the cooling system.

If the fans are working but still blowing warm air, the AC needs to be recharged. I'll check the refrigerant again to make sure. Common Reasons for Abnormal Engine Temperature * Bad thermostat * Low coolant level * Bad water pump * Worn-out water pump belt * Loose water pump belt * Cooling system leaks then mechanic called and said he "blew out the brake lines" while he was working on the brakes.? 48 answers Can you damage your automatic transmission car by shifting from D Auto Air Conditioning Pressure Chart

Check to see if the relay is receiving voltage when the A/C is turned on. The Thermostat at Work The thermostat starts at a closed position when you start the engine to help it reach operating temperature. This can block the flow of refrigerant and lubricating oil causing a loss of cooling and possible compressor damage. Discharge valve closed 4.

Anywhere there ... 7 Step 7: Useful toolsHere are two tools that can be useful when servicing air conditioners. Ac Pressure Troubleshooting Chart Thermostat not set properly 3. As for the A/C, it's not connected to your engine's cooling system at all.

But if the evaporator or condenser are leaking, repairs can be expensive.

Trending Now Sorority hazing Portland Riots Paul Ryan Christian Pulisic Anthony Davis Online MBA South Korea Lorca Cohen Credit Cards Cable TV Answers Relevance Rating Newest Oldest Best Answer: Taking the The temp gauge is at the same level it was before the radiator problems. The telltale oil stains and wet spots that indicate leaks on older R-12 systems are less apparent on the newer R-134a systems because PAG lubricants are not as "oily" as mineral Auto Ac Troubleshooting With Gauges Related Searches Read Article How To Travel For Free With Reward Points You May Like How to Check if Your Car's Thermostat is Working How to Test an AC Pressure Sensor

R134a can achieve what like a little under 200 psi? Now I just read the part about it blowing not-so-cold air at idle, and that pretty much debunks my theory. If you need more help, the best way is to follow the instructions in the repair manual for your particular vehicle make and model. Installing an in-line filter is also recommended for added insurance, When a compressor fails, a lot of metallic debris is often thrown into the system.

If you're a physics geek interested in such things, that's an extra 424 to 636 British Thermal Units of heat energy per minute that the cooling system must dispose of in Recently, the car's AC stops putting out cold air when the car is idling. If ur ac is is not still working itmay be other problem. See problem #3 9.

How to Seal Space Around an Air Conditioner Unit Don't let the cool air from your window unit seep out through a bad seal. Replace valve 3. When you squeeze the fluid's molecules closer together, you increase the fluid's temperature.