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Car Air Conditioner Not Working


Part 2 of 3: Checking outside the car and under the hood Step 1: Check for any airflow obstruction. BlueDevil Pro says: August 11, 2015 at 3:33 pm Ryan- The climate control system in your car uses a series of motor controlled doors to direct air in the ventilation system. so if we don't maintain it properly then ultimately it gives big cost for us. If one or both pressure readings are out of range, this is verification your vehicle has a non working air conditioner. Source

Thanks Again! -BDP John says: July 26, 2015 at 6:46 am The AC is working but not cold. The compressor looks like a small motor with a large wheel on the end. You've ruled just about everything else out except for a wiring issue. There's no fan blowing at all and the fan doesn't even turn on for the vent to defrost, what could this be and is it expensive to fix? http://www.wikihow.com/Diagnose-a-Non-Working-Air-Conditioning-in-a-Car

Car Ac Not Blowing

The best setting for diagnosis is “fresh air” (not recirculated) with the air blowing out of the center vents in the dash and the AC turned on. The problem you're having sounds like an electrical issue with your ventilation blower motor. I checked for leaks, and it doesn't have any. However, there are a lot of factors at play.

Read more The Traveler’s Guide to Driving in Malaysia CraigBurrows / Shutterstock.com Malaysia is a popular destination for many tourists today. Oily spots may indicate a refrigerant leak. He also explains what not to do. Car Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air The problem sounds like it is with your blower motor, not your AC system.

If not, you could have a bad compressor or fuse; check the fuse first. For the past couple years our air and heat has not worked. Thank You! -BDP Jenny says: July 31, 2015 at 5:21 pm It has been very hot this summer, i got in my car to go to work and i tried to http://www.wikihow.com/Fix-Your-Car's-Air-Conditioner Sign in to make your opinion count.

BlueDevil Pro says: August 11, 2015 at 3:52 pm Louis- You may want to consider checking the blend door in your ventilation system. Car Ac Stopped Working Suddenly It is normal for the compressor to cycle on and off, however if it is not cycling at all or if it is cycling on/off rapidly (within a couple of seconds) Flag as duplicate Thanks! Auto Repair Empowerment: How To Find Honest Car Care August 22, 2016 5.

Car Ac Compressor Not Turning On

Still won't turn on, Could it be the Blower Motor Assembly?

Did this article help you? Car Ac Not Blowing It sounds like the problem you're having isn't actually with the air conditioning system, but with your ventilation blower motor. Car Air Conditioner Repair Cost Click the Banner Below to Ask an Expert: R134a Retrofit Guide for converting older A/C systems to R134a More Air Conditioning Articles: Air Conditioning Inspection Checklist Troubleshooting Air Conditioning Troubleshoot Automatic

If I just turn on my regular vent air, then I have no problem air comes out all the vents. http://haiteq.com/car-ac/cars-air-conditioner-not-working.php wikiHow Contributor A car's air conditioner will usually go bad over time; it can also go bad if it is used too often or not often enough. Compressor clutch diagnosis on a 1990 Jeep Cherokee. - Duration: 9:59. Bring your vehicle in for repairs if the compressor or clutch needs to be replaced. 5 Check a thermometer for the ambient temperature. Car Ac Not Cold Enough

A blown fuse can cause your AC to stop working. there is little ac coming out the defrost on my windshield, but It wont switch to the different settings. Turn off your car’s engine. have a peek here Home, Auto Repair Library, Auto Parts, Accessories, Tools, Manuals & Books, Car BLOG, Links, Index Auto Air Conditioner Blowing Warm Air, Not Cooling Copyright AA1Car Is you car's air conditioner blowing

Read more Browse other content Estimates Oldsmobile repair esimates Mini repair esimates Saab repair esimates Mercury repair esimates Chrysler repair esimates Cities Service in Raleigh, NC Service in Charlotte, NC Service How To Diagnose Air Conditioning Problems In A Car Another way is to stop in to Pep Boys for a FREE A/C Quick Check (not available in the state of California) and an associate can give a visual inspection of The wheel (which is the compressor clutch) should be spinning.

Depending on what kind of car you have, the blower motor can be relatively difficult to get to, but they are usually located behind the dashboard on the passenger side.

If neither of these turn out to be the problem then you've got a loose wire somewhere either on the motor, the ventilation controls or in between. If you have weak air flow when the heat is on as well, your blower motor may have gone out.[5] A blower motor may have a resistor problem if your air This section will cover some common problems associated with the A/C system. Car Ac Not Blowing Air From Vents Leaks are commonly found at the condenser (due to it’s location being right behind the car’s grill and in turn subject to rocks and other road debris puncturing it) but leaks

I bought a used 2004, F-150 Heritage. Try Google Search. Now all of them seem to be working but it just switches randomly between the dash and the vents. Check This Out Most of the time blower motors fail mechanically meaning the bearings go bad or the fan blades break before they fail electrically, but it is a possibility.

If you find an area of burnt wire and have the patience, simply remove all the burnt wire and replacing it with the same gauge wire. Yes No Not Helpful 3 Helpful 12 The cold air is blowing full blast but I guess one of the doors in the air flow ducts is locked. Read more Rules of the Road For Iowa Drivers Driving on the roads requires knowledge of the rules, many of which are based on common sense and courtesy. Three Common Occurrences that could Result in your Vehicle’s A/C not Working Properly:Refrigerant Leak A refrigerant leak is unique in the sense that refrigerant evaporates instantly into a gas once it

Uploaded on May 11, 2011MotorWeek's Pat Goss (RockAuto.com is a MotorWeek Sponsor) suggests easy parts to check first when a car's AC system is not as cold as it should be. Due to its complicated design, compressor failure can be attributed to contamination or other failed parts within the system. What causes an A/C system leak? ellswortha101 1,346,380 views 7:55 Fixing A Car Air Conditioner That Blows Hot Air - Duration: 3:42.

If your car has a “Max AC” setting, select that option. 2 Listen for unusual noises coming from the AC. Step 4: Check your pressure. What could be wrong with it, and how much would it cost to repair? Try checking the fuse and relays for your fans to make sure they are turning on when you turn the AC on.

The AC system is closed, so refrigerant should not be lost unless there is a leak.[11] Look for oily residue on or around hoses that attach AC components together. At your home or office Choose from 600+ repair, maintenance & diagnostic services. Those are also relatively easily to replace on your car with simple tools and a little research. Usually if the refrigerant becomes low you very likely have a leak somewhere within your A/C system.

My advice to you if you know nothing about A/C service is to find a repair shop that specializes in A/C repairs and let them diagnose and repair your air conditioning What can I try next?