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Canon Digital Rebel Xti Flash Not Working


If none of the suggestions you get work the best thing to do isto contact and to get the camera repaired. I also never see the "busy" message that tells me I am wating for the capacitor to charge. Forums Unified View Medium Format All Forums Member's Photo News Abstract Photography Minox Accessories Mirrorless Digital Cameras Alternative Cameras & Lenses Modern Film Cameras B&W - Film & Processing Nature B&W I hope it works.Peter Y , Jan 16, 2010; 12:52 a.m. have a peek at this web-site

Peter thanks for the response! Thanks, Dave Responses 1 | 2 Next Last Peter Y , Jan 15, 2010; 10:29 p.m. Since it pops up you have to seek the solution elsewhere. I never see one, that would tell me the flash is ready to go. http://photo.net/canon-eos-digital-camera-forum/00VVuA

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If there is a speedlight on the body the flash does not pop up, so I think that is correct. Dave,I think you misunderstood me.There is a little pin inside of the hotshoe on the camera, on the right side if I remember correctly(I don't have my XTi any longer) What Ii drove me batty, until I saw the pin.. Tweet Pop up flash won't operate!

Should there be a ready indication for the flash in the viewfinder? Register Subscribe Support Photo.net Learning Digital Darkroom Wedding Photography Photography Technique Photo Equipment Guides Business of Photography Travel Photography Interviews and Inspiration Film Photography Resources Basic Photo Tips Lighting Tutorials All Just slightly out of warranty(150+). Canon Camera Flash Not Working Please note that the flash will not pop up if the micoswitch is stuck.

For instance to disable the annoying focus assist light (= series of flashes). I'm not familiar with the Rebel but is it possible that you have switched off the internal flash in some menu setting? but it will if the pin is stuck. Along with the fact that I will have to part with the camera for a while, ......bummer.

The Flash pops up Okay. Canon 600d Flash Problem Sign In | Site Map | Article Archive | Author Index | About Us | FAQ | Register | Subscribe | Support Photo.net | Contact Us | Advertise | Careers | I've checked the menu settings and everything seems to indicate that the flash should operate. and contributors.

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Dave Anderson , Jan 15, 2010; 10:27 p.m.The internal flash on my Rebel XTI pops up but will not flash. https://www.ifixit.com/Answers/View/65163/Flash+doesn't+work+when+fully+up Thanks Steven! Canon Error 05 Flash Fix I've been an advid photographer for 40 years, and never had the luxury of a built in flash on my old film bodies, ........and also now photos that you can immediately Canon Eos Rebel T3i Flash Won't Open I've spent a small fortune on lenses, but they don't do you much good without the body.

or micro switch which a better name then "pin" Jos van Eekelen , Jan 16, 2010; 02:08 a.m. http://haiteq.com/flash-not/canon-eos-rebel-flash-not-working.php I could always get by with the external Speedlight, but a few times I didn't have it with me and the internal would have been handy. I also never hear the "whine" of the capacitor charging. When I checked to see how much the repair of the "hardly ever used" flash was, I was shocked. Canon Err 05

I have only taken a very few photos with the built in flash, so it is hard for me to believe I have burnt out the strobe. Dave Anderson , Jan 15, 2010; 10:53 p.m. It happend to me once. Source If this pin gets stuck then the flash will pop up but won't fire because the camera thinks you have a external flash in the hot shoe.

You guys are great! Canon Pop Up Flash Stuck The Hot shoe works with a Canon speedlight, and flashes fine. But I never payed any attention to that before. 1 | 2 Next Last Back to top Notify me of Responses by Peter Y by Bob Atkins © 1996-2016

Dave, Try resetting the cam , by removing all the battery including the small one.

I was hoping that maybe it was something that could easily be repaired/replaced.Peter Y , Jan 15, 2010; 11:34 p.m. In "M" mode I can get it to pop up by depressing the button on the side. The microswitch seems to be functioning fine. Canon Hot Shoe Micro Switch There is a little pin in the hotshoe, check to see if its stuck.Dave Anderson , Jan 15, 2010; 10:43 p.m.

Steven F , Jan 15, 2010; 10:47 p.m. Mars, No it won't.. And also check the micro switch under the shoe rail, if it is stuck in depressed position, as Peter said. have a peek here Peter , Will the flash pop up even with external flash unit attached?

Contributed content used with permission. But I can never get it to flash! I was begining to get that feeling about user servicable parts. Dave there are few (if any) user sevicable parts in modern digital cameras.

Can't believe the inputs. Can it be easily replaced? Mars C , Jan 16, 2010; 12:28 a.m. The X0D models offer this option but I don't know about the Rebel.

If the strobe needs to be replaced, is it available. Is there something I can check for? Dave Anderson , Jan 16, 2010; 04:14 a.m.