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Catalina Spa Jets Not Working


Press Any Button to Reset and Clear the Error Message. Hot Tub Tools Some hot tub repair tools to have on hand include large pliers or channel locks.  These are handy when the heater unions or pump unions need to be Press Any Button to Reset and Clear the Error Message. Gecko controls M series Nigel September 08, 2016 Reply Harrison try pushing water through the main intake with your garden hose with a rag wrapped around it with the unions loosened have a peek here

Is there any way I could repair this pump? Check For Suction Blockage: If the Spa with the "SF" Safety Fault Error Message has a pump suction blockage switch, Select "Spas with Pump Suction Blockage Switch" Below. You want the water to drip from the fitting, maybe pour, but try to use one that will keep water away from the control pack and the back of the pump. Your cache administrator is webmaster. http://www.troublefreepool.com/threads/9426-Jets-not-working-after-fresh-fill

Hot Tub Jets Not Working On One Side

Mike Thompson November 02, 2016 Reply Hi Nigel thanks for the reply. Take the filter out. If a continuously running low-speed-only pump is only used for filtering (not for heating), that is not called a circ pump, but instead may be referred to as a "continuous filtration

Ask poolguy810 Your Own Question poolguy810, owner - pool and spa service company Category: Pool and Spa Satisfied Customers: 1671 Experience: Servicing pools and all brands of spas for over 28 Turn OFF the Power to the System and Turn it back ON again to put System into Priming Mode. See the 2014 owner's manual for a full description. Hot Tub Jets Weak Powered by vBulletin Copyright © 2016 vBulletin Solutions, Inc.

Appears Every 30 Days*. Half Of Hot Tub Jets Not Working There could be a few things preventing your jets from pumping water. HotTubsByArcticSpas 38,078 views 3:41 Loading more suggestions... Back to Top SbY or STANDBY MODE Message The Spa is Operating in the "Standby" (SbY) Mode.

If it is, and it's a part that's covered by the warranty, you should call your spa dealer to schedule service. In Ground Spa Jets Not Working Check for Water Level, Flow Restrictions, Closed Valves, Air Bubbles, and Pump Prime, or contact your Dealer or Service Organization. When that happens, you will be advised to call for service. Bri M I went to clean hot tub today.

Half Of Hot Tub Jets Not Working

Shut off the breaker. https://aqua-tech.ca/support-posts/the-pump-on-my-hot-tub-works-but-the-jets-dont-turn-on/ That's your cue to start tightening. Hot Tub Jets Not Working On One Side Some just had the one filter. Hot Tub Jets Won't Turn On It works ok for the normal filtration cycle.

If one has an air pocket, then the pump can be started and stopped several times in a row (by pushing jet button) in order to try to clear the air Can't access the equipment? Check the Topside Panel Display to see if the "OHS", "OH", or "SPA TEMP LMT" Spa Water Overheat Error Message has Cleared. If in doubt, try running your spa without the filter and see if there is an improvement. - Check for closed or broken knife valves (gate valves). - Make sure the Hot Tub Air Lock Symptoms

Whether you're draining and refilling in the middle of the season or filling up for the first time this winter, there's a good chance you're going to run into this problem. Add pH Increaser according to Manufacturers Instructions. SP2 8PU. Note: The StU or HOt messages indicate the spa IS or WAS in an extremely serious condition.

You may not be able to resolve every problem your spa may have. Bathtub Jets Not Working Ralph Sampson You are cleaning it incorrectly. You're so thorough at draining your spa that you evacuate every elbow, every little 1/2" line, and every piece of equipment until you know there's not a drop of moisture in

Dirty Filter.

Not a good option if you're going to leave it for a long time, but if you're doing a simple drain and refill close the valves first and you'll always have At Power-Up, the System Board Real Time Clock could Not be Read. Danny Smith Just rebuilt pump and new motor, now the motor keeps kicking out when I turn on jets. Spa Pump Not Working Heat Related Pump Not Running.

If you just drained your hot tub, it is common to have an air lock in the plumbing and you must bleed the air out of the lines. Drain and Refill the Spa Water per Manufacturers Instructions. After bleeding, try turning the power on again and see if the jets work. If the pump is on low, it won't be a disaster, just a little wet.

are needed as you want to be able to remove the union whenever you need to service the pump.  Be sure not to remove or crimp the little o-ring inside the union, BRANDMADE.TV 4,519 views 8:57 My hot tub pump turns on but nothing happens - Spa pump airlock - Duration: 1:27. A Sensor Failure Message may indicate Excessively High Heater Temperatures which can Scald or Burn! Blocked Skimmer.

I was going to try what you say, makes perfect sense and so many agree. Voltage must be constant in and out of the appliance. Please try the request again. Matt Giovanisci Hmm..

Because you're good. You Must Press Any Button to Reset when Water is below 108°F (42.2°C). Back to Top rt9 or TEST GFCI Message Time to "Test GFCI Reminder" (rtg). I left out of town the next day and didn't come back for two days, when I noticed a storm had knocked my cover off and my tub was showing a

Back to Top Pr or PRIMING MODE TAKES 4 MIN Message The Spa is Operating in "Priming" (Pr) Mode. No Error Messages If there is Now a Message Other than a "PSt" or "PERSIST FAIL" Persistent Memory Error Message, that Message will Now have to be Diagnosed. Solution: Place cover on hot tub and allow it to heat up. Back to Top rCH or NEW FILTER Message Time to "Change Filter Reminder" (rCH) Appears Every 365 Days*.

SnS or Sn is Alternating with Temp: Possibly the "Sensors are out of Sync" (SnS or Sn) with Each Other. The pump sounds fine, but there's no water moving.